I purchased a 1 carat princess cut diamond from you. I feel like I got a very fair and honest deal, not to mention a great price. Feel free to use me as a reference in the future.

Brett Lee

I received a beautiful diamond ring from my uncle and aunt as a birthday gift from your jewelry store. I have been flashing it to all my friends. Thanks!

Diane G.

Everything went off without a hitch. She absolutely loves the ring. I can't thank you and your people enough. You have a customer for life...maybe not a big ticket item customer, but a customer nonetheless.
Anyway, thanks again. We'll be in touch again for the wedding bands.

Chris R

Thank you for working so hard to get the ring to me in time so I could present it to my wife on our anniversary day. You and your staff are great!!!  I am so pleased that I made my purchase with you.

Mickey and Karrie Petersen

I am impressed with your gemstone jewelry collection. I purchased 2 gemstone rings from your store. One was a beautiful Blue Ceylon Sapphire Pendant and another was a gorgeous Red Burmese Ruby Ring. All your salespeople were very courteous and helpful. Esp. Bob, he steered me to the rings that were better than the ones I originally liked.
He was a great help to a person who did not know anything about gemstones. It was a learning experience and now I feel like an expert!

Kelly Gittleson

My experience with your jewelry store was truly amazing. I just purchased a diamond tennis bracelet for my wife. She has been getting a lot of compliments from our friends and family. They all wanted to know where we got this beautiful jewelry from!
Thank you

Mary N.

I just wanted to say WOW and thank-you to everyone involved in making my engagement ring.  Ronnie and the others at your store were extremely helpful and made everything go smoothly. I must say my ring was gorgeous. I cannot stop looking at how absolutely beautiful it is. I have had so many comments on the ring already and have only had it for a few weeks. The prices and quality of your merchandise cannot be beat!  I would recommend you to anybody for their jewelry purchase and my husband already plans to buy future gifts from you. Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You to all of you!

Joann Roussels


The diamond journey cross pendant is amazing. My girlfriend feels so safe and close to GOD while she wears it. Thank you so much in helping me pick the perfect gift for her.

Frank Martinez

Roger gave me a gift in a beautiful box on our 1st Anniversary. I was breathless when I first saw it.  It was GORGEOUS!!  Thank you so much for making such a beautiful ring. It is so comfortable that I don’t even know I’m wearing it until the light hits the diamond – WOW! Everyone has been stunned by it.
Thank you again for all your care in making my ring. 
Warmest regards,

Judy Miller

I just purchased some fine Aquamarine pendant and earrings from your store. Your products and services were great. I didn’t find anything that left me discontented. I am confident about recommending you to others. All the best, I will be back soon.

Bill McRae

I'd like to say a Big Thanks for working with me to create the ring of my dreams. I chose a Byzantine style gold setting and Bryan set my engagement diamond, with 16 smaller fancy yellow round diamonds around it.
The ring is extraordinary. I really love it. It's a one of a kind heirloom now. I receive so many compliments on it from everyone. I can't say enough positive things about the level of craftsmanship and customer service I received. Thanks again!  

Cheri Hatcher

I came into your store last Saturday looking for an engagement ring. Never would I have imagined finding a diamond as brilliant for the amount of money that I paid for it.  I would like to extend a hand of gratitude for helping me find the best diamond for the money I had. On top of the diamond you then surpassed my expectations by setting the stone for free.  I would recommend you guys to anyone.

Robert D

I just had to tell you how gorgeous my diamond necklace is. I just recently lost my original set in an accident and with our 20th anniversary coming up, I was very distressed.
I visited your store and everything was quite easy. My new diamond necklace is elegant and very well made and just PERFECT! Everyone comments on its beauty! Thank you so very much.

Carmela Kennedy

I wish to thank you for the diamond ring we found at your store. I was highly impressed with your quality and prices. We are definitely coming back to you for our Christmas gifts.

John Rouse

My boyfriend just gifted me a beautiful diamond pendant on my birthday. It is just gorgeous. I wear it all the time and get so many compliments. I am looking forward to getting another gift from him for this Christmas J
Thank you,

Amanda G

I just wanted to say thank you for the ring. The final product was beautiful and just what I was looking for. The proposal went well and Betsy loves the ring. We have received many compliments on the ring and inquiries on where I had it made. I will be sure to point people in your direction. My fiancée and I will drop in sometime soon so I can introduce the two of you.
Thanks again!

Tim Spencer

As we entered your store, my husband and I were amazed to browse through your wonderful collection of jewelry. We purchased a beautiful diamond fashion ring for our daughters 18th birthday. She is very happy with it and has been getting a lot of compliments.
Thanks for making this a special moment for all of us.

Jennifer & Ryan Bolton

I would like to say a big thank you to all of you at your store for not only making a beautiful ring, but also getting it to me in time and helping to make my fiancée (and me) extremely happy!

Oh by the way Michelle ADORES the ring- she won't stop flashing it at everyone!  Thank you very much!

Jack Connors

I purchased a set of two tone diamond earrings, with a matching pendant and ring today. They are all beautiful and I can't wait to wear them. I know my friends will all comment and I will of course tell them where I got my ensemble.

Sheena Bower

Martha absolutely loved the stunning diamond engagement ring. So thank you and the ring maker for making it so wonderful. Her first remarks were it's so big! Not something I thought could have been said... so now no more worries. Thanks!

Jonathan Brooks

I wish I would have found your store sooner. I felt comfortable speaking with your store staff and they seemed genuine and concerned with my requests. They provided suggestions and explanations that made sense. I have already purchased my daughters graduation gift and will be back to get my wife her birthday gift. Thanks!

Ryan Jennings

You must be aware that I am the brand ambassador for your jewelry store! We have been shopping at your store for the past 15 years for my jewelry purchases. My husband just purchased a beautiful diamond ring and pendant set from your store for our 20th wedding anniversary. I loved it! We have been your customer for over a long time and I am happy to see how fast your store has grown.
Thanks for everything,

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas

Jennifer provided me with the best experience I could possibly imagine. I told her what I was looking for and she provided the education and comparisons I needed. I then bought the diamond ring from her a couple weeks later. Great experience overall.

Brandon Connors

I purchased a pair of earrings from your store. I surprised my girlfriend with them and she absolutely loved them! We are extremely pleased with your quality, selection and service. Everyone that has seen the earrings wanted to know where we purchased it. I will definitely suggest your store to everyone I know.
Thanks a ton!

Richard Fine

Thanks for the wonderful service you have provided. My husband just bought a set of diamond bangles from your store for my birthday and they were just beautiful.

Rita Wilson

It was a pleasant experience buying jewelry from your store. The diamond fashion ring that I purchased is exactly what I wanted. We will be back again to purchase a necklace that my husband has promised me. Thank you for the great customer service and fair prices. I recommend your store to everyone. Thank you once again.

Ellen & James Spencer

Thank you so much for your help with the diamond wedding band. I’m glad I took your advice. She loves the craftsmanship on her wedding band and never expected a full carat, it blew her away. Thanks again!

Sammy Foster

I am happy to let you know that I had bought a diamond ring as a graduation gift for my daughter. I wanted to give her a delicate ring but one that will also make an impression. She loves her ring and treasures it.
Thanks once again!!

Karrie M

I want to Thank You so much for helping us make our marriage so special. Bill and I are in love with our rings and we get a lot of compliments. Ryan, we thank you for getting our bands so quickly & perfectly. Hope all is great with you and we will surely see you again for our first anniversary.

Diana & Bill Foster

I recently gifted my niece a shimmering diamond journey pendant on her Graduation day. She was so happy! Thanks a bunch, you helped me make her day very special.

Kristina Roberts

Your store will always be memorable for me as my parents bought me a beautiful diamond circle pendant as a sweet sixteen birthday gift. I was there with my parents to choose the one that I liked. The cooperation and suggestions of your staff was great. Thanks a lot.
With Best Wishes,

Sarah Settler

Thanks Ginger! We are both extremely excited and happy with the rings as well as your advice and time spent with us. You certainly helped to make it a very special moment.

Richard & Jenny Whitaker

Allan, what you have been is very courteous and patient, I do not feel intimidated for my lack of knowledge in buying jewelry. My sister and I purchased a diamond ring as a Mother's day and Graduation gift for our mother. Thanks for making Mom so happy.

Gina T

I was quite apprehensive about buying jewelry thinking I might have to do a lot of window shopping. Yours was the 1st store I went into. But in just a few minutes I found what I wanted. I bought a diamond heart pendant for my little sister as a graduation gift.
She loves it. Thanks.

Jennifer Adams

Catherine surely was a great person to do business with. She was very professional, yet very personable. Her information and insight about diamond cut & quality was very helpful. When it was time for me to purchase I had no doubt about buying from your store. And when I did she was able to pass on an amazing price for the diamond I purchased. She then set the diamond in a beautiful ring and gave me a great deal on the band. The pink wedding band goes absolutely well with the pink and white gold engagement ring. I just can't Thank You enough about how wonderful my experience was.

Jeff J

I was very impressed with the prices, quality and the services at your store. We just purchased a beautiful bridal set from your store. My future jewelry needs will be met only your store. Just recently engaged, I am the happiest woman in the world. Thank you so much.

Jennifer & Richard

My husband gifted me with this stunning journey bangle. It is so beautiful and I can’t help but show it off. All my friends want to know where I got it from!!! I have already got a few orders for you!! ;)

Rebecca Warner

Walter is an extremely knowledgeable and helpful individual. He followed through and did what he said he was going to do. I really liked the fact that he was not a pushy salesman. He let me make my decision on my own timeframe and I felt no pressure whatsoever. He was straight-forward, honest and sincere. Thanks for his patience!

Julie Trinket

I purchased a beautiful diamond cross pendant from your store as a gift for my mom. The comments she received from her friends has assured me that I had made a good deal.
I didn’t know much about diamonds and jewelry, but the jewelry professionals at your store were sincere and guided me in my purchase.
I want to thank you for helping me and making my mom so happy.

Michelle J.

I bought a magnificent 3 stone diamond ring from your store. It was enjoyable experience to buy jewelry from your store with your excellent selection of products and helpful sales associates. The jewelry from the anniversary collection was fabulous and I am sure to return back.

Margaret Hart

I just purchased a beautiful diamond fashion ring from your store from my wife’s birthday. Now my wife is on cloud nine… Thank you!

Gary Hopkins

I never got around to sending you a note thanking you for all your help picking out and creating our beautiful Diamond wedding bands. My fiancée was really pleased and excited about the ring and she couldn't be happier.  She gets compliments about the ring everywhere she goes and I am sure to tell folks where I got it! Thanks!

Steven T.

My brother just bought a beautiful diamond ring from your store as my graduation gift. It was just great. He told me everything about your store. And I am so impressed that I have decided to shop in your store for my Christmas purchases.

Joanne Williams

We never dreamt of being treated so warmly. You have such a professional and courteous staff that they made us so comfortable.
We are an old couple and don’t have much knowledge about diamond jewelry. We had decided to gift each other with wedding bands on our 45th anniversary and you have made that moment so special by helping us pick the right bands.
Thank you so much! God Bless you!

Mary & James Daughtry

I would first like to thank you and your sales staff for making my purchase very comfortable and easy. They were all very friendly and helpful. I gifted my wife a diamond journey pendant over Valentine’s dinner. It was a special moment for us which we always treasure.
Thanks a lot!!!
A very satisfied customer.

J. Gareth

I just purchased a pair of diamond earrings for my wife from your earrings collection you have in your store. She loved those earrings so much, that she wouldn’t help but show off. Thanks for helping me make her feel so special.


I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for my engagement ring and wedding band. We purchased a 1 1/2 carat diamond ring from you and since then I have received nothing but compliments. Thanks a million!

J. Christine

I wanted to purchase an engagement ring and someone suggested your store. I could not make up my mind as all your Rings were so unique and beautiful.
Your staff helped me greatly and I could finally decide on one of your stunning engagement rings that I had to have for my beautiful bride to be.
I am overjoyed with my purchase and look forward to get a pair of diamond earrings from you very soon. Thank you once again for everything.

Daniel M. Perez

Nathan and I are big fans of your jewelry. I have purchased many pieces of jewelry from your store over the years and love wearing them all. Thank you for providing jewelry that is fun to wear and fun to show off!

Joan Meyers

Hi there,
I feel that your store has everything to satisfy anybody’s jewelry imagination. I am happy that I purchased my engagement ring from your fine store. You have a magnificent collection to choose from. We have already placed a customized order for our wedding bands and we can’t wait to wear them. Thanks you so much for being there for us and making our wedding so very special.

Chrissie and Randy

I had recently purchased an engagement ring from your store. I am truly appreciative of the thought and detail that has gone into the making of each of these "one of a kind" pieces. My fiancé was overjoyed with it. Thank you so much for making her happy.

Bob H

Buying our diamond and engagement ring from you was the most stress-free and positive experience I ever could have imagined. Our friend Tom will be calling you this week to do business. Make sure you sell him a smaller diamond for his fiancé, just kidding ;-)
Thanks again,

Cathy Gibson

I purchased a rose gold diamond band from you. I am so happy with it I want to wear it forever….
Thank you so much,

Shania Sanders

Just want to say that my experience with your jewelry store was excellent. I recently purchased an Asscher Diamond wedding set and it was better than I imagined. It has a beautiful sparkle to it and your experienced staff has set the Asscher Cut I wanted. Thank you for your courteous service, esp. Anne, who took excellent care of me. I would like to thank her for all her help.

Chelsea Brown

I purchased a beautiful pair of earrings for my girlfriend. She loves it so much that she wears it all the time. The workmanship and quality of your products is outstanding. Another reason I like this jewelry is that you won't find others wearing the same thing. My thanks to you for making her so happy.

Keith Johnson

My best friend has been a regular customer of yours and is very happy with his jewelry purchases. He had recommended your store very highly. Recently, I bought a diamond bracelet for my wife as an anniversary gift & she was extremely excited to receive it.
Your quality, service and price are best!
Thank you,

J. Simpson

My Fiancé and I were looking for a unique set of rings for that special day of our life. We had looked all over and hadn’t found the rings we wanted. But your staff was so helpful and took the time to answer all our questions. I certainly learned a lot about diamonds! Dorothy was very helpful and she helped us find these special rings, which we now treasure.

Jennifer & Rick Rothman

No words can express my sheer delight for the diamond engagement ring we purchased from your jewelry store. I was a bit nervous as we were getting it customized, but I am extremely thrilled to let your know that I am in love with my ring and I cannot thank you and your staff enough.
Thank you so very much for being a part of my life!

Maria Isabelle

The quality of your jewelry is fantastic. I just love my beautiful diamond journey earrings and wear them at every opportunity. Thanks

Jaclyn R

I love to tell you this- when I gave my bride of twenty years the anniversary ring after a romantic dinner, she was speechless. This is a woman from New York City that is never at a loss for words. It took me ONLY twenty years to figure out what it took for her to be speechless. Thanks!

Andrew Dickens

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